New EDM track! Made in under one hour...

2017-02-07 22:01:48 by KR1D

Hi everyone! Juxtapose, my first official EDM track has been released! I was able to throw it together in one sitting... and in under one hour... 


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2017-02-07 22:08:52

According to your description, you used loops. In that case, anyone could throw a bunch of loops together and make a track in under an hour.

KR1D responds:

I didn't mean those kinds of loops. I meant the looping feature in GarageBand. Whenever I wanted to repeat the melodies, the feature would let me. I created the melodies completely from scratch and I do use the "looping" feature all the time; it just usually takes longer.


2017-05-12 08:00:12

Cool bro! I look forward to seeing your next song!